Offering the finest services in the area!
    Experienced, Gentle Groomers
      Clean and Safe Environment
        Excellent Quality and Service
 Business Hours:

   Tuesday thru Friday:

  8am - 6pm   


  9am - 3pm  

Sunday & Monday:





Spa Services
Treat your pet to a day of pampering.  A moisturizing bath and a new hair cut are just an appointment away.
  Groom:  includes bath, nails (trim & file), ears, glands, teeth, full brush-out & cut as desired
  Bath:  includes nails (trim & file), ears, glands, teeth, full brush-out


  Nails Cut Only:  $8   /   Nail Cut & Filed:  $10
  De-Matting Charge:  $10 & up
  De-Shedding:  Bath Price + $15 & up
  Flea Funeral:  Bath price + $10 & up
  Hair Coloring:  starting at $10 & up

Tuesday - Friday
Bath Specials Starting at $15 & up!

Military Tuesday - 15% off grooming services
Senior Wednesday - 15% off grooming services
*(15% off not to be used with any other discount)


Boarding Services

All guest will be required to post a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the estimated cost of stay!


  1-60 lbs:


$17 per night

61-90 lbs:


$20 per night



$10 per night

(Long term boarding available.)

Extra charge $5.00 for one on one service.

Indoor, climate-controlled boarding per night, includes:
bullet Secure, size-appropriate indoor kennel with bedding and water
bullet Unlimited Play Time
bullet Large outdoor kennels for less-socialized dogs with individual playtime
bullet Daytime snack (if parents approve)
bullet Love and actions of approval all day long


bullet Medication administration, $1 per day
bullet Daily brush out & cuddles, $3 per day
bullet Bottled Water, $2 per day
bullet 15% off grooming spa on go-home day
bullet Bath Specials starting at $15 on go-home day
bullet Free spa (no haircut) if seven or more nights stay

Check-in Time 3 p.m. Monday - Friday (1/2 day rate for early check-in)
                                 2 p.m. Saturday
(1/2 day rate for early check-in)    

Check-out Time:  12 p.m. Monday - Saturday (1/2 day rate for late check-out)

*No check-in or check-out on Sunday

Doggie Daycare by Doggie Day Spa
Open: 6:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

Bring your dog in to socialize with other dogs and to play all day long.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Rates.

Duet Designs Boutique
Hand-made Doggie Clothes:
    Collar Flowers
      Bandanas and Tutus
        and much much MORE!
Also available: odor eliminator candles, lupine collars, and leashes.
Goods and Other Services
Rugby's Bakery: Doggies love our treats!!



      Taxi Services: 
      (pick up & drop off)

        $5 Cove Area


Vaccination Requirements

In considering the health and safety of all of our guests at Doggie Day Spa, we require proof of current vaccinations for our canine guests.  If you have any questions about these requirements, please do not hesitate to call or email us.  We canít wait to pamper your pet!!!

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